The cooling cotton fabric of this farmhouse sofa takes its inspiration from the original southern style – back before they had air conditioning! While I’m not sure how they survived, this traditional sofa proves that they considered staying calm even when designing.

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This sofa is a modern take on the traditional farmhouse style. The chic leather will set it apart from the rest of your design, so it is best if you want a subtle statement piece couch. The rolled arms, wooden legs, and overstuffed pillows keep it stylish without appearing uncomfortable.

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This sofa is perfect for a home with limited storage space. It has a camouflaged magazine caddy on one arm and hidden storage inside the ottoman. I also like that the ottoman can be moved, making this couch easy to arrange to fit your room.

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The classic tufted couch – with a twist! Not only does this design feature leather, but it is also at a price that can make any budget design look high-end. My favorite aspect of this design is the equal height of the arms and back, making the sofa more comfortable and stylish at once.

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This tiny, straightforward sofa can work with any farmhouse design or color palette. It is ideal for a living room that is being updated but not wholly redesignedù. The graceful curve of the arms brings an extra air of elegance.


If you are designing a farmhouse-style living space but still want a sofa that calls attention, this red tufted design is ideal for you. Not only will this statement piece bring in compliments, but its firm-but-comfortable cushions will also provide lower back relief to anyone who sits on it.


This luxurious sofa is covered with soft gray velvet that is noticeably stylish and comfortable. The unique feature of this velvet is that it brings a modern feel to the design while remaining low-key and neutral. As a result, this piece will stand out but never detract from your farmhouse living room.


The tufted seat and straight edges of this couch keep it balanced between traditional and contemporary. Its slick leather cover and lack of cushions make it easy to clean any unexpected messes.


This royal blue sofa is an elegant addition to a classic farmhouse living room. The studding is a detail that adds a delicate yet rustic element to the otherwise luxurious couch. In addition, the high back and arms give the illusion of more depth, making it a perfect sofa for a small space.


This sofa brings the french countryside into your farmhouse design. Available in multiple sizes with different pillow options, you can easily dress it up to fit your whole room’s style without having to do more shopping.


This leather sofa is more laid back rustic than high-end modern. It is a great sofa for a room that holds to the traditional farmhouse style. I would place this in a room with a neutral to warm color palette.


This large sectional is great for a spacious living room design on a budget. It has many color options, and its sleek design adds a subtle modern edge. I would use its slightly contemporary design to balance out more rustic elements.


The top to bottom tufting on this timeless sofa makes it a more subtle choice for a statement piece sofa. I like that the retro wraparound style of this sofa adds a mid-century modern appeal that pops in a traditional farmhouse design.


This sofa screams retro chic. I would use it in a design to dress up the rustic charm of a traditional farmhouse design. The tufting paired with the curved back will make your living room appear fitting for royalty – AKA you.


This small sofa is perfect for a small living room. Its chaise design gives more seating for entertaining guests without taking up limited space. This simple sofa will best blend into your farmhouse design if you use a perfect palette.


This spacious farmhouse sofa is perfect for a family living room. It is easy to clean but plush enough to be comfortable for family movie night. I prefer the cream shade because it lets the rich-turned wooden legs shine.

Tips for Purchasing Farmhouse Sofas

What to consider when searching for the best sofa fit in your farmhouse living room decor. How much space do you have for your couch? How does it have to be shaped to fit in your home? Does it have to be minor, or can you get a sectional? What about the color of the upholstery, white or brown? Visualizing the final details of your farmhouse style is easier when you have a realistic idea of the space it needs to fill.

How to choose the best farmhouse sofas

Always consider your style first. Next, I think about which sofa design characteristic I find most important to include. Do rounded curves and tufting inspire you? Or do you want to bring in a more modern material with your sofa? Pick which features are most important for your sofas to have, and start your search from there.

Try something adding a moveable chaise.

Once you know what you’re looking for, be open to finding new inspiration while you shop for the look you love. For example, if you are committed to traditional sectional farmhouse sofas, consider an arrangeable chaise option for a straightforward redesign. This way, it can give additional seating without jutting into valuable floor space. An alternative, even as simple as a moveable chaise or hidden storage, is essential to keep your design feeling fresh.

What to consider before buying

My priority before signing on the dotted line is staying within my price range. Will purchasing your farmhouse sofas limit your budget for the rest of your design? If so, deciding which farmhouse features were the most attractive is best before seeking a similar but more affordable option.

Finding your couch is when you know your design is coming together. It does more than complete your design; it is the piece that will bring people together in your home. It can be easy to let your sofa fade into the background in a traditional farmhouse design. But, with a suitable sofa, you can transform your space from a simple living room into a gathering place for friends and family.

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