Can I Have Two Different Sofas In The Living Room?

Find out if you can have different couch styles and nonmatching sofas in the living room

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You can have two different sofas in your living room. You can mix and match the colors of your sofas. Use complementary colors from the color wheel. If you follow those rules while decorating, your nonmatching nonmatchingook great.

Decorating your living room can be a daunting task. First, you must get the right furniture and fixtures to make it perfect. If you aren’t versed in interior design, this can be a challenging task. For example, one of the many questions you may find yourself asking is whether or not you can have two different color couches in the room.

There are multiple colors you can put together based on the colors in your living room. You can use the wall color, fixtures, or even the fireplace to accent your sofas. Browns and blues can go together well. Or brown and white or cream also go well together. You can use accessories like throw pillows to make them cohesive.

Should a sofa and loveseat match? How do you arrange two different sofas in the living room? Read on to learn more ways to style nnonmatchingcnonmatchings in your living room!

Is it okay to have a living room with mismatched sofas?

Having your matching couches is simply a style choice. Some people enjoy the look of matching furniture, while others appreciate more color in their space. There isn’t a right or wrong answer when it comes to design. Ultimately, it’s your living room, so you should do whatever makes you the happiest!

Can I Mix and Match Sofas?

You may find yourself the owner of a roommate or family member’s sofa that you need to do work in your living room. You have been left with matching that item or going for a different sofa altogether. You may be set with your color, but now you fear that the fabrics also have to match up. What do you do now?

Here are some ways you can arrange two different sofas in your  living room:

1. Choose Pieces From Different Eras

Choose Pieces From Different Eras

You can showcase your sofas by choosing different styles, so each piece stands out in the room. For example, a brand new sofa can look great against a victorian style aged one. You can have them be the same color or even color complements.

These style differences can be both visually appealing and great conversation starters.

2. Mix Up The Fabric

Mix Up The Fabric

Mixing different couches may seem weird to have a cloth sofa and a leather sofa in the same space, but they can work together. They offer more dimension to the room and attract attention to each piece individually, especially if the sofas are complementary colors.

You can always upscale the color with vivid throw pillows or blankets.

3. Match The Color And Print

Match The Color And Print

Another way to promote the look of your living room is to match the color with print. You can do this by having one solid color sofa with another with a pattern.

You can also put printed throw pillows or blankets over solid color sofas to add more depth to the space. This method is excellent for those who love adding fun and charm to their living area.

What Different Color Sofas Go Together?

Complementary Colors

Complementary Colors

Using complementary colors from the color wheel can help make your space cohesive while using more than one color.

This can help add dimension to your space as well as visual interest. Some complementary colors you can use together are:

  1. Orange and blue
  2. Red and green
  3. Green and pink
  4. Brown and blue
  5. Black and any color
  6. White and grey

Monochromatic Colors

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Another color theme you can use with mismatched sofas in your living room is the monochromatic color scheme. To follow this scheme, you choose a primary color as your base. Typically it can be your favorite color or a color that would look good in your living room.

Then, choose other shades of that color, either lighter or darker, for your additional sofa. Putting them together will give that matched look without looking too matchy-matchy.

The Triad Color Scheme

Source: Pinterest

If you’re feeling incredibly daring, you can use the triad color scheme, where you use three oppositely spaced colors on the color wheel. This color combination is not only eye-catching but can add visual interest to any space.

Two of your sofas can be two of the three colors, with the third being integrated into the pillows or other accessories in the space.

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