Beveled Mirrors: Expert Buying Guide and Idea Photos

Add a Beveled Edge Mirror to the Bathroom or Entryway for a Clean & Elegant Look

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Mirrors are a great addition to any home, and there are different designs, sizes, and shapes that you can choose when you pick one for your home. For example, you can go with a frameless mirror or one that has an elegant or modern frame. You can even find some online to suit your needs. One of the types of mirrors that you can choose is a beveled mirror.

A beveled mirror will have a framed look since the edges have been cut to the correct size and angle. During this process, the glass around the edges can become thinner, while the rest of the mirror you see is thicker. As a result, the dimensions will vary from ¼ inch to 1 ¾ inch. This is a common feature of many mirrors that will give them a stylish and polished look that you will love.

Let’s take a closer look at what a beveled mirror is all about and some of the reasons that so many people will choose these for their homes.

What is a Beveled Mirror?

When looking for an excellent mirror in your home, one of the choices you can go with is the beveled mirror. It gives the appearance of being framed without needing to have a frame around the mirror at all.

This happens because the edges of the mirror will be thinner than the middle, and they will often slant a little bit down to give that framed look.

This beveled edge option will be standard for many mirrors and window panes. The reason for the popularity is that this gives off a more polished and stylish look than some others. In addition, since the edge will give the illusion that a frame is already there, the mirror will appear lighter without a frame.

Beveled Mirror Idea Photos

beveled vanity mirror
beveled mirror in entryway
beveled bathroom vanity mirror
bevelled edge bathroom mirror
beveled glass mirror
round beveled glass mirror
square bevelled edge mirror
rectangular beveled mirror in bathroom

How Can I Mount a Beveled Mirror?

There are different ways that you can mount one of these beveled mirrors. The first one is to use an adhesive. It would help if you ensured that the adhesive was strong enough to support the mirror’s weight.

This is not a big concern if you have a smaller mirror, but since the beveled mirror can get large, you may need more adhesive to take care of it without falling. You can also hang the mirror with some mirror clips.

Remember that hanging the beveled mirror with any adhesives is a permanent installation. You will not be able to remove the mirror without ruining the whole thing.

Be extra careful about where you plan to place it, and choose an area where it can stay for a long time. The clips allow you to move the mirror around, but they can also leave some hole marks in the wall.

Where Can I Place the Beveled Mirror in My Home?

The nice thing about these beveled mirrors is that they will work well in your home’s different rooms and spaces. You will be able to use them as a method to decorate the house and make it look so much better than before.

It is typical for the beveled mirror to work well as a focal point of the room, so consider whether it will work like this for your needs. You can also hang one of these mirrors in a living room near the entryway and dining room where you eat.

Some homeowners like to add this to the bedroom, especially the headboard. If you have a small bathroom, adding a beveled mirror to the room can make the space look larger.

You can even find ways to create a design with these mirrors. For example, some people like to get one that is big or long to make a big statement and to brighten up the space, but these are sometimes hard to put up and manage compared to other mirrors.

Suppose you would still like the look of a beveled mirror without worrying about it falling and causing problems. In that case, there are often smaller ones that you can mount together or group with one another to make a fun design and still get the same classic look without the hassle of a big mirror.

Putting the Mirror In Your Home

Before purchasing a beveled mirror, determine where you would like to place it and the design you would like. For example, will you need one big mirror, or would a few smaller ones be better for the space you want to use?

You need to do some measurements ahead of time as well. You should measure out the exact size you need for the mirrors, leaving a little extra space to ensure you have room to work with when you put the mirrors on.

The Best Beveled Mirrors on Amazon

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Choosing a Beveled Mirror

The beveled mirror is one of the best choices to add to the interior of your home in almost any room. It is classic and straightforward, giving a grand appearance in any place you would like, no matter your interior design choices. So choose a beveled mirror for your home and see what a difference it can make.

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