5 Ideas for Decorating Your Sofa Table

xtra Long Console Sofa Table Behind Couch

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We all want our homes to look perfect and to feel homely. We fill them with possessions that show our personalities. When we have our friends and family around, we want them to feel comfortable and love our homes just as much as we do. 

How To Decorate a Sofa Table

Firstly, the best way to decorate your sofa table would be to make it similar to the room. If you have a particular look for the room, your sofa table will look better when it matches the theme you already have.

  • Lamps
  • Plants
  • Baskets
  • Candles
  • Books

However, some people like to have different, quirky looks, whatever suits you and your personality. 


Lamps are a fantastic way to decorate a space because they also functionally provide extra lighting in the room. For example, you could style your sofa table with a floor lamp that hangs over the sofa table. Or if you don’t want a floor lamp, you could instead have a lamp to sit on top of the table.  

Symmetrical Look

You could always try to make your sofa table look symmetrical by having the same objects on both sides or things that might be similar due to height and width.  

Decorate Life has done one of my favorite symmetrical looks; they have decorated their sofa table with two of the same lamps on either side with a pot in the middle. 

Non-symmetrical Look

Alternatively, you could go for the complete opposite and have a non-symmetrical look, perhaps one object which is tall on one side of the table and another which is a different height or width on the other. So, for example, you could have a slim vase and a wider vase/pot on the other side. 

Kathy Nicole Aziz has done this look using a range of entirely different heights and widths of ornaments. On one side of the table, she has a tall flower vase, and on the over side, a smaller light. https://assets.pinterest.com/ext/embed.html?id=788130003536420131


You could decorate your sofa table with plants. If you want to start having house plants, putting them on your sofa table can be a great way to add a colorful look to your room. 

A beautiful example of this is by My Domaine; they have styled their sofa table with a couple of different plants, some small, some tall, and some with leaves hanging over the table. This example shows how bright and colorful it can make a room feel. https://assets.pinterest.com/ext/embed.html?id=207376757821699935

Simplistic Look

You might find that multiple things on top will make your sofa table seem cluttered. If you aren’t a fan of clutter, you can go for a simple look with just one or two ornaments, such as a candle, book, etc. 

Brooklyn Nicole Homes have done this simple look by having just a book with a plant and a candle on top. Underneath, they have put two seats. I have attached the link below for you to see. 


Having baskets on your sofa table is another excellent way to decorate and store anything you don’t want on display. 

Grace in my space has decorated their sofa table this way, they’ve used baskets on the bottom shelves, and inside the baskets, they have put cushions and blankets, which ultimately add to the look. It gives such a homely feel. https://assets.pinterest.com/ext/embed.html?id=356839970472168149


Another lovely way to decorate your sofa table could be by adding a variety of candles; what will make it look even better is by having candle holders.

The sofa table below has been decorated entirely with candles which have been put inside glass holders, there are five candles in each, and it looks stunning. A life hacker has hacked the sofa table look. https://assets.pinterest.com/ext/embed.html?id=571394271448578266


xtra Long Console Sofa Table Behind Couch

What Is A Sofa Table?

The name says it all, but if we want to be a little more explicit, a sofa table usually goes between the wall and the sofa. They are sometimes known better as console tables or as hall tables. People mainly have a sofa table for the aesthetic look they give a room or for their functional purposes, such as storage. 

Sometimes people occasionally use sofa tables as room dividers, especially for open-plan rooms with a communal living room/kitchen. 

You can use your sofa table any way you want, whether it’s to make the room look beautiful or use it as storage; it’s entirely up to you. But you’re here because you want to know how to decorate your sofa table, and we’ll provide you with some help. 

What Are The Benefits of Having A Sofa Table?

Storage Space

A great thing about a sofa table is its storage space. If you pick a table with shelves or drawers, you can put things that you might not want on display inside of them.

Extra Seating

Another great benefit is being able to store seating underneath the table. You can also use the table as an extra seating area for additional guests at family occasions, such as birthdays, thanksgiving, Christmas, etc. 

Display Space

One benefit of a sofa table is that it can be used as a display space; this is also a way that you can decorate your sofa table. For example, you might want to put essential family photographs on it. Or you could place a vase or a lamp, anything you want to display as a piece of décor. 

Make Your House Look Like A Home 

Sometimes houses can look super sparse; having a sofa table will help you to fill this void and make it feel more like home.

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