21 Lucite Coffee Tables for a Modern Space

A See-Through Acrylic Coffee table will Liven Your Living Room.

Lucite Coffee Tables

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Lucite for a coffee table? Lucite is an eye-catching and unique see-through material for furniture in tight spaces. You might question my sanity, but choosing a coffee table with lucite has many advantages. Lucite is easy to clean with warm, soapy water and a soft cloth. Unlike glass, it does not scratch very easily. The sturdy acrylic is commonly used in clear, sleek designs that bring additional brightness into rooms. When clear, lucite allows more light to pass, making a room more open.

Finding quality products online can be a struggle as fantastic as lucite is. So I’ve collected some of my favorite coffee tables from my favorite trusted vendors so you can avoid scouring product pages and reviews. In addition, I’ve included various costs to accommodate any budget.

You must sit back, scroll through, and purchase your perfect acrylic see-through lucite coffee table.

Lucite Coffee Tables

Acrylic see-through table with rounded corners


Simply Sleek // Lucite Waterfall Coffee Table




This is the most simple design for a lucite coffee table. This affordable option is ¾” thick to reinforce its durability. The rounded corners make this modern table suit any style or size of the room. It’s so sleek that you’ll hardly notice that it’s there.

Rectengular table, tempered glass top, acrylic decorated legs

Classic and Clear




This is the most simple design for a lucite coffee table. This affordable option is ¾” thick to reinforce its durability. The rounded corners make this modern table suit any style or size of the room. It’s so sleek that you’ll hardly notice that it’s there.

Rectengular table, tempered glass top, stainless steel frame, acrylic legs

Mix and Match // Stainless-Steel and Lucite Coffee Table




The stainless steel frame sets this lucite coffee table apart from the rest. The contrast gives the table a modern touch without adding bulk to the design. This table would look great in an industrial living room with a more fantastic color palette.

Rectengular tempered glass top, stainless steel braces, acrylic legs


Chrome Accents // Chrome and Lucite Coffee Table




The chrome legs and frame on this table add a graceful element to the otherwise modern design. I like that the heavily bolted legs also make the table appear more substantial than one that is all lucite. This table would work well in a room with great lighting to create additional reflections off the chrome.

Grey fibreboard top with 2 drawers, stainless steel base, acrylic legs

Solid and Clear Combination




This solid lucite table provides ample storage space for those knick-knacks that typically crowd your coffee table. I like that the clear acrylic and stainless steel legs maintain a modern feel, although it is a more traditional design. Its versatile style can fit any room.

Acrylic rectengular table with bended legs that act like magazines storage

Modern Edges




The curvy legs of this coffee table provide more than just a beautiful design accent – they also can store magazines and books. I love a product that is unique in style while remaining functional. This table achieves both with grace.

Wide rectengular acrylic table with rounded sides

Stackable Storage




These classic tables stack to provide convenient surfaces for entertaining without taking up limited space daily. The clear lucite makes the two tables seem even more compact when stacked. Since both tables are freestanding, there is much room for creative designs.

Brass plated steel base, acrylic legs, tempered glass top with rounded corners

Gilded in Gold // Lucite and Brass Coffee Table




This chic coffee table would look fantastic in a living room with more traditional decor and furniture. Its sharp angles and sleek design would balance out a busier, more plush space. The gold can modernize your living room and is a perfect tone for any color palette.

Rectengular table with acrylic base and legs, inset glass top, mirrored bottom shelf

Pristine and Clean // Lucite Leg Coffee Table




This table is ideal for brightening and adding space to a traditional living room. The acrylic legs paired with the mirrored shelf and glass top allow light to reflect from every part of the table, making your room appear larger than it is. But, of course, a room with some natural lighting achieves this best.

Acrylic rectengular table with straight legs

Sharp Edges




The sharp corners of this coffee table make the already modern lucite feel even edgier. The clean lines and simple design allow this table to fit into any living room style, but I would use it to create a more contemporary look. Also, avoid clutter on this one – it would ruin the style!

Purple rectengular table with rounded sides

A Splash of Color // Purple Lucite Coffee Table




This table is for you if you like a more eclectic and bright design. It follows the classic curved design of other lucite tables but is available in a translucent purple and regular clear. It would look great as an accent piece or as part of a bold, colorful space.

Acrylic rectengular top with rounded legs(almost oval shaped)


Well Rounded // Waterfall Rounded Acrylic Coffee Table




This coffee table takes the traditional curved edges of lucite tables a step further. I like the unique look of the legless design and that it did not sacrifice stability for appearance. It would soften a sharp, modern space without removing a contemporary design.

Tempered glass square top and legs, acrylic base

Edgy Accents // Square Lucite Coffee Table




This geometric design would make an excellent focal point for a minimalist living room. Its maze-like appearance will draw attention and maintain a modern space. My favorite element is the glass panel legs because of their unique layout.

Tempered glass rectengular top, acrylic legs, two wooden beams between the legs


Modern Wood // Karine Modern Lucite Coffee Table




I love the combination of rustic and modern design in this piece. The wood would look beautiful in a room incorporating natural elements and metals. They would also be a nice footrest for those lazy lounging moments!

Polycarbonate green round table, basket style legs, storage under the removable top


Basket Case // Mid Century Lucite Coffee Table




This unique option would look great in a space with a darker palette. The basket design doubles as storage for a classy TV tray you want available but out of the way. I like that this coffee table has more than one color option and is stackable.

Square acrylic table with three equal sections, white top, gray middle, dark grey bottom


Secret Storage




This solid acrylic table offers three layers of hidden storage. As I’ve mentioned, I love the functional style, and this small coffee table nails it. I also like that it comes in a color palette that can work with any living room design.

Square glass top, brass plated steel corners, acrylic legs

Corners Count // Lucite and Brass Coffee Table




This square coffee table has minimal accents where they count. The brass adds a glamorous element, making the modern lucite feel more luxurious. This table would look best in a smaller space with solid bold colors due to its size and shape.

Tempered glass rectengular top, acrylic legs, stainless steel base





This table truly brings together the best of glass and lucite. Its solid elements are highly reflective, so it is ideal for a more traditional and small living room.

Acrylic table, oval top, bended sides

Oval Options // Oval Acrylic Coffee Table




This table steps away from the classic angular lucite coffee table. The acrylic legs allow light to pass through while still looking chic. I would place this table in a contemporary living room to bring in an element of comfort that warms the space.

Rectengular acrylic table on wheels with rounded corners, shelf and the bottom

Roll It Out




Here is another option that is useful for entertaining guests. This multi-level coffee table can be wheeled out of sight when you aren’t using it or brought around the room to suit the situation. I like that the wheels are stainless steel and don’t take away from the sleek design.

Round table, tempered glass top, acrylic legs, stainless steel brace at the bottom

Circular Clarity // Round Lucite Coffee Table




This round coffee table can bring class into any living space. The table legs are my favorite element of the whole piece. They are square rather than round, which keeps this table feeling modern. It offers plenty of surface area without appearing to take up too much space.

Choosing the Right Acrylic Coffee Table

Lucite is a brand name for a thick plastic often used in furniture. Much like Kleenex is a type of tissue, lucite is a type of acrylic. It is more durable than glass, and its plastic flexibility allows for more artistic freedom when designing.

I have used lucite in many modern designs in its clear and solid forms. I like to use it in living rooms as the coffee table to add a surface and storage without making the room feel cramped. This is especially helpful in spaces that already lean toward fishing crowded.

How Large Is Your Living Room?

Before you purchase your lucite coffee table, there is more to consider than budget and availability. First, you must measure the space you will have your coffee table. Next, you need to know just how much of your living room you want your table to take up. If it’s too large, it doesn’t matter how much space.

How Much Storage Do You Need?

Although lucite tables help a room appear larger and brighter, sadly, it doesn’t create e. If you live in a small apartment, you will want a small table, preferably with additional storage space. If you have a larger living room, you can consider storage for stylistic purposes or if you want extra space to hide your clutter.

How Is Your Living Room Designed?

Also, consider the design of your living room, especially if you are not purchasing your coffee table as part of a more significant renovation. Think about the color palette of the walls and furniture in more detail. For example, if you have a living room with multiple busy patterns, you’re better off with a table with a simple, sleek design. On the other hand, if your room has bold, solid colors, a table with a metallic or colorful accent would brighten Wallace even further.

How Do You Want Your Living Room Designed?

Your design e, of course, the most crucial aspectessentialchasing. Look at the other furniture in your living room if you’re unsure what your tastes are. If your style is more traditional, consider a lucite table with a classic or a modern but comfortable twist to your space. If your home has a more contemporary design, you can try a solid lucite table as a bold statement piece.

Acrylic & Lucite Coffee Tables

Adding a lucite coffee table to your living room can give the illusion of more space and light and be a chic design choice. The durable acrylic table comes in various options various suit the size of your home, the design of your living room, and your style. In addition, Ern tables will draw the attention and compliments of your guests with their unique, attention-catching designs.

As you design your living room with your lucite table, you must consider several factors to help guide you closer to a modern coffee table that will take your living room to the next level of style. Happy designing, and as always, I’d love to help you over your design hurdles along the way! Leave your questions in the comments, and we’ll work together to solve your lucite struggles.

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